Whether you are new to the game and looking for guidance or a professional looking to pursue (or improve on) the big stage, we are here to help. 

The MN Teaching Pro approach to the golf swing and your game improvement is [unfortunately] unique in this industry. You will be very involved throughout the process and your input is needed every step of the way. We will set smart goals and educate you on why we are making changes. Everyone is built differently and everyone has unique abilities - no two swings are the same. You should be investing your time with a swing coach who understands the way your body works. 


About MNTP

MN Teaching Pro is a network of Minnesota's top golf instructors and physical trainers who will help you play the best golf of your life. Our unique, cohesive approach allows an important continuity between instructors and trainers that has been missing in the world of golf instruction and physical training/therapy. Our instructors and trainers work side-by-side to get your body working stronger and more efficiently on and off the course. Each instructor has access to all client files allowing you to pick up where you left off in the last lesson!


Private Lessons

If one-on-one is where you feel most comfortable, let's schedule a private lesson. You will receive my undivided attention. I start private lessons by talking through your personal history/experience to include pain-points and more. We will set mutually agreed upon goals and lay the framework for reaching them. Most private lessons last 45 minutes.

group clinic.jpg


If you feel more comfortable learning in group setting, a clinic is what you need! I typically schedule clinics two different ways:

1. You get a group together and tell me what you want to work on 


2. I schedule a clinic based on a particular aspect of the game (putting, chipping, pitching, full-swing, bunkers, etc.), and you sign up. 

Clinics are limited to 6 people (exceptions may apply, please contact with questions)

Physical Training

The best way to build distance or consistency in your golf swing is to build a stronger body. This leads to better balance, kinetic awareness, and explosive motion. Get your training session booked today!

What others have said...


"... Total of 82.  By far my best ever.  If I had just made a few more putts I could have maybe hit my goal of a round in the 70s.

Ended up with 10 pars.  Was putting for birdie on all of them.  2 double bogies.  And the rest bogies.


I owe so much of this to you and I can’t thank you enough.  I have had so much fun this summer I really don’t want to stop..."

- Tom D. (former 26 hdcp)

"...he works with your body, ability, range of motion, and helps you lay the framework to creating a consistent motion. I was at a point where I would hit the green, pick the ball up, and head to the next tee. John saved my putting and has brought some enjoyment back to the game for me!"

- Brent G. (13 hdcp)

"I have worked with several golf professionals over the years. John was the first to break down my issues on a granular level and helped me understand WHY we needed to make certain changes. John is my first call when I need help on  my game."

-Scott J. (3 hdcp)


-Katie D (New Golfer)

"I've never had an instructor create such a noticeable improvement so quickly in my game!"

-Pete W (10 hdcp)