I was asked, "What is your teaching philosophy..."

a few weeks ago I had a member ask me, "What is your teaching philosophy? Do you have a method you follow in full-swing instruction?"

Throughout my education and career I have developed certain trends in my teaching methodology - as has any instructor in any sport. The difference in my methodology is that I don't teach a particular golf swing motion (ex. stack-and-tilt, one-piece takeaway, "Gankas" styled up-and-under with an electric slide, etc.), rather I work to formulate a simple, repeatable motion for each golfer. Everyone's swing is unique. Everyone's body is unique. Everyone's range of motion and musculature is different. The idea of golf instruction is to lay the framework in order to develop a more repeatable motion. This repeatable motion leads to more consistent results - and hopefully IMPROVED results.

That said, a solid teaching philosophy (and one I employ) would sounds something like this:

I work to minimize unnecessary motion in a golf swing in order to create efficiency, consistency, and power, while maintaining speed and proper lever timing and sequencing.

Shoulder turn, weight transfer, wrist hinge, body coil, heel and toe pivot, are all necessary levers in golf swing if you want to advance the ball some distance down the fairway. Prior injury/surgery, age, athleticism, and strength all play an important part in the effectiveness of these levers. I want to hear your goals, evaluate your motion, and work with you to develop a motion and/or practice/exercise regimen that makes sense.

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