The quickest way to implement a swing/stroke change?

Those that have worked with me or are currently working with me to improve their golf games already know the answer to this question.

You need to understand that in order to create a new motion or change an old motion or habit, you're going to need to commit to some practice time. And depending on the severity of the change and where in your stroke the change is located, it may take more time than you expect. Moving to a slightly stronger or weaker grip may be a quicker change to implement than rerouting the golf club in your swing path or changing the way your transfer your weight through your swing.

Most of us don't have endless hours a day to practice and work on the changes that we need to make in our swings. If you have a limited amount of time in a day or week to work on your game, it's that much more important that you are thoughtful and intentional in your practice. Once you've loosened up, here's what you need to do:

- Set aside 32 balls (if you have a bucket on the driving range). Grab 4 balls if you are on the putting green or working on chipping.

- Identify a very specific change you are trying to implement - the simpler the better (really think on a granular level at this point).

- Hit the first 4 golf balls exaggerating the change you are trying to implement (if its a stronger or weaker grip with your right hand, hit these four shots with you hand placed even stronger or weaker than you intend to once finished with the implementation).

- The next 4 balls will be hit with no thoughtful action taken toward the change you are making. Simply run through a full pre-shot routine and ritual, and make a full, confident swing toward your target. Full routine and full swing on each of these 4 golf balls.

At this point you have hit 8 golf balls: the first 4 intentional (and exaggerating) the change, the second set of 4 balls with a full swing not thinking about the change whatsoever.

Now go back to your intentional and exaggerated motion (for the next 4 balls).

You will continue this pattern until your 32 balls have been hit. That means on 16 swings you were very intentional about practicing the change you are trying to implement and on 16 swings you were making normal, confident golf swings.

What makes this drill unique is that you are alternating your practice intentions with your normal swing motion, tempo, and routine. The more you do this, the more you will see the change becoming a permanent fixture in your motion. It is important to focus your attention on the change, but equally as

important to incorporate it into your normal swing routine as quickly as possible.

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